• VPC的全体教职员工都很体贴. 他们真正把学生的关心和问题当成自己的来帮助我们. 几周前我有一个电子游戏电玩下载法律的问题. My current law teacher at another institution replied with a few words that I didn’t quite understand how. 所以我选择电子游戏电玩下载我的一位VPC老师. Even with me being a former student he patiently explained in detail about my question and guided me through confusion.

    酒店管理文凭(Aug 2020)
  • 回想一下作为一个毕业生, 我在VPC工作的时候, 我获得了一项终身资产,它在我的职业生涯中一直都是有用的. 电子游戏官网下注’s excellence in hotel management allows me to understand the different aspects of hotel operations. Furthermore, I gained motivation to learn from my accomplishments in the college. 作为一个研究生, I find that the materials that I learned from the instructors are closely related to my career because hotel management is a broad industry mixed with a variety of business concepts. 同时, VPC offers practical experiences which allowed me to adapt to the complicated concepts in classes. 作为VPC的学生, the instructors taught me skills and concepts that not only apply to hotel industry but also any other jobs that require service. 而且,VPC的老师对我的学习非常有帮助. 在我看来,他们更像是导师而不是大学导师. 他们教会我知识, 传授他们的经验, and guided me to the desired career path which made me proud and thankful for everything I received from 电子游戏官网下注. 最后, VPC offers different facilities and materials to improve our learning and guides us on academic improvements. VPC是一个很好的学习和构建网络的环境. 所有的教职员工和学生都是外向的,愿意互相帮助.

  • 我在这所大学的经历非常棒. I have learned so much about Hotel Management topics and cultures all over the world. 从烹饪, food and beverage to different management processes in different countries around the world. I would really recommend 电子游戏官网下注 to international students looking for new experiences and interested in learning more about hotel management.

    电子游戏官网下注 makes 100% sure that their mission statement is always reinforced to students and delivered to them by making students learn in a multi-cultural environment where students are taught the professional, 知识, personal and practical leadership skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. My experiences and memories in Vancouver could not have been possible if it wasn’t for 电子游戏官网下注, which made the process of studying in another country very comfortable for me.

  • 我要感谢VPC的每一个人. It is a good college because they will help you towards building a career or help you get into a good university technical institute such as Capilano or BCIT. I highly recommend VPC because their instructors have a lot of practical experience from the hospitality industry; and you will learn a lot through their hands-on training methods. 我真的很享受在VPC的时光. 在那里很舒服,因为每个人都像你的朋友. I found the administration team and advisers always provided good advice and they also took time to listened to our personal life stories too. 你会从最高层——从执行董事那里得到尊重, 业务经理, 学术顾问和所有的导师.

  • My experience at 电子游戏官网下注 has been informative and motivating. Not only did I get a lot of knowledge on the industry through books and instructors real-life experiences; I grew and matured as a student and as a person. 看到VPC是如何支持和帮助我的,我感到很惊讶, given that I was in the certificate program as compared to the diploma students. 我对他们说:“谢谢你。!”. For without their knowledge of hotels and the hospitality industry and the help of the staff when I was in need of guidance, 我将无法为这个行业做好准备.

  • 每当我想起我在温哥华第一学院(VPC)的学习, I always believe that my experience at VPC not only made me a better student but also prepared me in multiple ways for my career. 当我找大学的时候, I wanted one where I could finish my study as soon as possible while learning useful skills at the same time. I found VPC was the perfect college for me because VPC opened-up opportunities for students who want to work in the hotel industry. 在我一年的VPC学习中,我完成了60个学分,拿到了15个AH&洛杉矶证书,这将增加我找到工作的可能性. 灵活的课程安排让我有机会做兼职, so I was able to learn more about the social practice that also helps me to understand more about the knowledge I gained at VPC. I am grateful to VPC for giving students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. 通过获得奖学金, not only did it reduce the cost of my education but also inspired me to work harder. 通过参加VPC,我为自己创造了一个更加美好的电子游戏电玩下载. My experience in 电子游戏官网下注 was memorable, rewarding, and worthwhile.

    Yanran L.,中国
  • The VPC curriculum gives us various opportunities to develop the general abilities which are vital to work in the hospitality industry. 我们不只是学习课本, 但也要研究一下真正的酒店或餐馆, 创建我们自己的项目, 做演讲, 等等. 我可以了解酒店行业,也可以提高我的英语水平. 我喜欢和来自不同背景的朋友一起学习.

  • 我有很多机会认识不同行业的人, 不仅仅是在VPC的课堂上, but also through hospitality field trips to attractions and hotels in Vancouver. This exposure to the industry really helped me to learn about my career options. If you want a career in hospitality, I strongly recommend studying at 电子游戏官网下注.

    气Hyun K.、韩国
  • VPC最好的资产是它的员工. They are all very knowledgeable in the hospitality industry and are happy to share their practical experience with us. 很明显,他们真的很关心我们的职业发展, 他们愿意付出额外的努力来帮助我们成功.

  • 在意大利酒店行业工作了五年之后, 我觉得我需要在专业上做些改进. I wanted to understand more about hotel management and what it was going to take to become a successful hotel manager. VPC has given me the tools to further develop my knowledge and working techniques. 从我的经验, I can truly say that VPC’s programs are very practical and match my experience of the real work world.


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